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    The specialists of “TelService LTD” LLP carry out the development and implementation of solutions that ensure optimal joint operation of infrastructure, telecommunications and various application systems of the enterprise. Our company implements the entire cycle of work – from development to commissioning – to create a complex or various infrastructure elements designed to ensure the efficiency of business processes and the operation of the enterprise.

    Thanks to a streamlined project management procedure, tight integration of the activities of the company’s divisions in the interests of the customer is ensured. Our company implements both multidisciplinary IT-projects of a high degree of complexity, and specialized tasks at the request of customers with a degree of complexity, and specialized tasks at the request of customers.

    Telecommunication services
    Provision of satellite communication channels
    Installation of Base Stations and construction of telecommunication poles
    Telecommunication services

    Development, creation and integration of IT infrastructures:

    Backbone transport networks – DWDM, SDH
    Data networks – 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet, CWDM, IP, MPLS, GPON
    Wireless networks and communication systems – Wi-Fi, PDH, SDH
    Unified communication systems: office, geographically distributed.
    "TelService LTD" LLP  specializes in system integration and specializes in the development and implementation of infrastructure projects based on the use of information and telecommunication technologies.
    Development, creation and integration of IT infrastructures

    A set of works and services in the following areas:

    Engineering and project management
    The construction of engineering infrastructure, as well as the technical and service component of complex large-scale projects, are often in themselves a task of high complexity, uniting a large number of project participants - suppliers, subcontractors, performers. Such projects require high management and technical qualifications, which our company provides, providing professional expertise and project management, including a complex of construction and installation, service, installation, commissioning works. Qualification and high quality of work is guaranteed by official licenses, certificates of specialists and equipment manufacturers.

    Delivery and configuration of telecommunication equipment

    Data transmission equipment.
    Provision of satellite communication channels (SCPC, MF-TDMA)

    Guaranteed power supply systems

    Provision of high-quality uninterrupted power supply to responsible consumers of the institution both under normal conditions and in cases of disruption of regular power supply due to accidents or deterioration of its quality in conditions of industrial or other interference.