Specialists of “Telservice LTD” complete designing and introduce solutions that provide optimal joint work of infrastructure, telecommunication, and applied systems of enterprise. Our company realizes the entire scope of work, from initial development to commissioning; we create infrastructure facilities that intend to provide effective business processes and functioning of enterprise.
Due to decent procedure of project management, we are able to provide close integration of business unit activities that meet interests of the consumers. Our company carries out realization of interdisciplinary IT projects of high complexity and specialized in tasks that are requested by consumers.

Provision of satellite communication channels

  1. The provision of satellite communication channels (SCPC, DAMA)


  • Allocated satellite communication channels
  • Access to the internet
  • Corporate networks


  • SCPC
  • DAMA



The provision of satellite communication channels (SCPC, DAMA)

Currently, our company has the network of operational ground satellite stations in 15 towns of Kazakhstan. We have our own well-qualified professional engineers who maintain satellite stations. In addition, we have our own Help Desk 24/7.

Services. Allocated satellite communication channels

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Services. Access to the Internet

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Services. Corporate networks

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Technologies. SCPC


  • Each ground station that realizes SCPC has allocated permanent segment capacity;
    satellite transponder, and supports persistent connection
  • SCPC guarantees the necessary bandwidth of satellite communication;
  • Easy to use and easy to apply.


  • Inability of dynamic relocation of resource transmitter between the nodes when its necessary to transmit traffic with the speed greater than the speed of bearing network station;
  • It has low effectiveness when expensive space segment is used in the corporate network. Usually it is lower than in any satellite communication stations that function on the basis of multiple access technology to the same private resource.


Technologies. DAMA


  • Efficient use of satellite capacity
  • Each channel is allocated to a user only for the time of the session
  • The majority of DAMA systems support fully connected network topology


  • Data exchange takes place only through IP.