Specialists of “Telservice LTD” complete designing and introduce solutions that provide optimal joint work of infrastructure, telecommunication, and applied systems of enterprise. Our company realizes the entire scope of work, from initial development to commissioning; we create infrastructure facilities that intend to provide effective business processes and functioning of enterprise.
Due to decent procedure of project management, we are able to provide close integration of business unit activities that meet interests of the consumers. Our company carries out realization of interdisciplinary IT projects of high complexity and specialized in tasks that are requested by consumers.

Installation of the Base Stations and Construction of Telecommunication Towers

Installation of the Base Stations and Construction of Telecommunication Towers

Construction and installation works (Installation of the base stations, construction of towers):

  • Site selection for construction work
  • Design and survey works
  • Designing
  • Construction of tower and monopole facilities
  • Building
  • Installation and commissioning works
  • Modernization
  • Routine maintenance of communication facilities


“Telservice LTD” is specialized in the field of system integration as well as designing and realization of infrustructure projects that are based on the use of information and
telecommunication technologies.


Construction and installation works (Installation of the base stations, construction of towers)

“Telservice LTD” has been working in construction of cellular networks for the market of Kazakhstan since 2009. Our company carries out full package of work for network construction: from site selection for construction work to commissioning; including design and survey works, designing, construction, installation, installation supervision, commissioning of cellular systems and microwave transmission.


Types of the work performed:

  • Site selection for construction work:search of the area and all necessary paperwork for construction work
  • Construction and installation works:carrying out all pre-survey works, the formation of the major before projects decisions in full capacity, which is necessary in order to have coordination with consumer and rentals.
  • Designing:designing of operational project that is based on consumer’s demand and general technical requirements. Our company provides coordination of project paperwork with local government in order to receive permission to build objects of mobile phone
  • Construction of tower and monopole structures:our company carries out construction of tower and monopole structures of different heights in order to place antenna feeder
  • Construction:civil works for installation of the base stations in rooms or containers, creation of the environment for placement of cellular antennas and microwave transmission, and construction of power lines.
  • Installation and commissioning works:our own mobile team carries out installation, examining and integration of the cellular communication objects. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who are quipped with special instruments, test and measurement tools, which are certified by the producers of the cellular equipment GSM 900/1800.
  • Modernization:full package of work to replace technical and engineering equipment.
  • Routine management of communication facilities:carrying out routine management of networks, carrying out emergency and repair work.


State license for construction and installation works